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10 Quick Tips to Get You Started
Before You Sell Your Home

1)    Preparing to sell your home involves cleaning out, rearranging, and updating your home.
2)    In order to make your house attractive to potential buyers you may need to store some of your
       current furnishings and decor. The seller should consider walking through each room and making
       a list of potential items not needed.  Any excess,  large, and bulky items should be stored.  The idea
       is to maximize your space and make your home look large and inviting.   The goal is to have the
       potential buyer visualize living in that space.  Remember, the key is to "declutter" in order to make
       the home look fresh and spacious.
3)    Curb appeal plays a huge part in the initial contact between a potential buyer and the property.  
       The seller should ensure the yard is in tip top shape and is well manicured / weed free and trimmed.
4)    The seller should consider inspecting the outside of the home for damages and /or esthetics.  
        It may be necessary to repaint or touch-up the outside of the home,  fix the roof/gutters, repair
        walkways / steps, and cut back trees and overgrown plants and/or vegetation.
5)    It is always a good idea to repaint the inside of the home a neutral color if possible.  If not, be sure
       all the walls are in good condition and do not have excess holes or nail pops / cracks in the ceilings.
6)    The seller should ensure all faucets are drip free.  Bathrooms should be in working order.
7)    In the Kitchen, ensure all large appliance are in working order and are cleaned.  Clean off all
       counters and store all small appliances in the cabinets or in the garage.
8)    Fireplaces (if any) should be cleaned out.  You may choose to add clean logs or candles for decor.  
       Try to keep it simple.
9)    Windows and Doors should be cleaned inside and out.  It is one of the first things people notice
        when they walk up to a home.  This lets potential buyers know they are looking at a well maintained
        and clean home! Window Screens should be clean and in good condition.  Any broken
        Windows/ Window glass should be replaced or repaired if necessary. Remember:  Broken glass
        could be a hazard.
10)  Fresh flowers can do a lot to a home. It's always a good idea to buy seasonal flowers
        as they tend to be a bit cheaper.  Place them in a vase on the counters, on a Kitchen Island, in the
        bathrooms, on a nightstand, etc.  They will look warm and inviting to the potential buyer.  Planting
        some perennial blooming plants (for low maintenance) by the front door or seasonal flowers
        (mums, pansies, etc.) will spruce up any walkway area as well.  Just be sure to keep them well
      * Please ask for more detailed Step-by-Step print out to help you organize and prepare your
         home for sale.