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Written By Jacqueline D Broyhill 07/04/2017
5) What other charges do we incur when we use your staging service?
A)  We charge for our Staging services  - on our website we list two options - Half day (up to 4 hours) including delivery time, or Full day (up to 8 hours) including delivery time.  If you are local, in  New Braunfels, the Half-Day pricing should suffice.  If you are located in other areas such as San Antonio, Schertz, Cibolo, etc., you might consider the Full Day staging.

Monthly Furniture/Accessory Rental fees:
We have a ONE-TIME set-up, delivery, and de-stage fee added to the first month of your contract.  The delivery fee will vary on location but pricing will be included in your contract. Thereafter, if you wish to keep the furnishing and accessories staged in your home/office for another month, we would charge you the monthly rate per your contract agreement. There are no hidden fees.  We will always inform you in writing of any changes.  The second and consecutive monthly billing will entail ONLY furniture/accessory rental fees plus tax.  The only other billing will be the final billing which may or may not include furniture loss/damage fees.

What else happens:
Once we deliver and stage your property, we will send you and itemized Inventory List. It will clearly show each item as well as the replacement cost in the event the property is subjected to vandalism, fire, flood, hail, tornados, etc.  Finally, we will ask for you to review the list and accept responsibility for all items placed on your premises by signing and dating the inventory list.  This protects both parties.  You, the customer, have accountability of all items as well as Creative Re-Design and Decor! Once you have signed the inventory list, we will email you a copy for your records.  Now, you can sit back and relax - the staging is complete and the property is ready for listing!

Damage/Loss Fees:
In the event furnishings or accessories rented from us are damaged at your residence/office, we would assess a damage/loss fee in our final billing to you. This damage fee is listed in your Itemized Inventory list, which is part of the Staging Contract signed by the Customer (you) and the provider (Creative Re-Design and Decor, LLC).

6) What are Re-Design services?
A) When clients wish to utilize their furnishings and are in need of some "fresh, new ideas" we may provide accessories and limited furnishings to help sell your home.  This is considered Re-Design or Mini-Staging services.  Pricing will vary.  Please schedule a consultation to get started.

7) Cancellation FEES: In the event you prepaid your consultation or deposit and cancel it, in order for it to be eligible for a refund, ALL cancellations MUST be in writing 24 hours BEFORE the consultation.  If the 24 hours is NOT provided, a $50 cancellation fee WILL be deducted from the monies paid.

New to staging?  It seems overwhelming.  Let us explain the process to take some stress off you!

We have been asked many times how does staging work?  What is your process?  How do we get started?  What does it cost?  How soon can you come and stage our home? ....and many more.

Let us start by answering some of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

1) How do we start?
A:  We start with a consultation.  This allows our certified Stager and Redesigner to see the property and fully evaluate your home or office space. We do NOT quote a price without evaluating the space.  It would be negligent to do so.   It is our goal to ensure you have the most accurate pricing quote.  We want you to feel confident and happy with your decision to choose our company for your staging needs.

2) How do we schedule a consultation:
A:  You may either email us at [email protected] or you may call us at 830.312.7000 to set up your consultation. Please see our PRICING tab on our website for the type of consultation you are seeking. Our most popular package is the Silver package.  If you decide to schedule a consultation,  we require a 50% deposit of the consultation fees up front to lock in your date and time reservation. 

3) What does it cost to stage a vacant home?
A: We will evaluate your individual needs for your home or office during the consultation.  For Gold Packages, we will then provide you with a PowerPoint presentation with pricing and samples of furniture/accessories we plan to utilize for your staging project.  For the Silver package, you will receive an itemized list of changes- emailed to you within 48 hours as well as verbal recommendations of staging only.  Please note, only our Gold package provides you with detailed pricing, PowerPoint presentation and written reports.

4) How soon can you stage our home/office?
A: During the summer months it may take 2-3 weeks  to set you up on our delivery and staging calendar. Most times, we are able to stage in a few days to a week.  It is always best to call and we will ensure to provide you with the quickest staging appointment as possible.

The 6 Main Steps

1) Schedule your Consultation
2) Sign Staging Contract / Pay fees
3) Schedule Delivery/staging
4) Staging day/ furniture/accessory delivery/set-up
5) End of Contract - schedule De-staging
6) De-Staging of furnishings and accessories/picked up

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