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What is e-Design?

E-Design services are convenient and cost efficient services to allow you to achieve the design you want and love, in an effective manner. You may utilize these services regardless of your physical location, as you and the designer do not need to meet physically at a location.  All design and communication is conducted via technology, such as email, messaging (Premium Pack only), and video chat. Your designs  (Vision Board) are sent to you via email.

You have the ability to choose your designs at your leisure, in your own environment, at time which work best for you and your schedule.  It is the most convenient way to design your space!

What is entailed in e-Design?

We will start with a questionnaire to find out your goals and visions for the design project or space.

Once you have decided to purchase one of our packages, we will get started.  You will see communication from us within 7-10 days (sometimes sooner) with your first Vision Board.  

Once you receive your board, you will now have the ability to pick your items and purchase them directly from the links we provide you making it super fast and easy.

If you have chosen to purchase the Premium Pack, you will have the ability to request 2 revisions on your board.  We will also provide you with the ability to message your designer on the board directly about the items you like, and the ones you would like to change.  It is a convenient and efficient way to work together to achieve the designer look you dream of!!

Why Choose one Pack over another?

Great question! The e-Design Starter Pack is intended for those who know what they like.  They have an idea of what colors they like, what space they like (perhaps an inspiration photo) and are ready to get started.  They do not require multiple changes to their Vision Boards. They are seeking help from a designer to achieve the vision they have or would like, but are not able to tie it all together on their own.  They are looking for the expert advise and guidance from a professional.  It is the MOST requested package to complete your project quickly.

The e-Design Premium Pack is intended for client who may not be entirely sure about the process and may need some more one-on-one communication with the designer.  They may also enjoy the option for some potential changes to their Vision Board, and the ability to message their designer on the board directly.  It is a more comprehensive package .  This package also allows you to add on an Open-Concept Pack to combine spaces such as a Living/Family room with a Kitchen and Dining/Breakfast Nook area.  

Our e-Design Outdoor Space Pack allows you to customize and design your outdoor entertaining space such as a patio, or covered porch. Over the years, outdoor space planning has become a rapidly growing trend.  It is an extension of your indoor entertaining space brought outdoors.  We will transform one space for you and provide you with convenient and exclusive shopping links to purchase items to complete your outdoor design and new look.

Regardless of which package you decide to utilize, we are here to help you visualize your dream space and allow it to come to fruition.  We aim to give you the look you want, at a price you can afford.

Call us today to get started.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process and to help you decide on which package may work best for you and your needs.

To pick your packages and start the process you may click the link below!